Cashback Bonuses

As part of your online gambling journey you'll come across a host of different online casino bonus offers, each with their own appeal and set of benefits. Welcome or matching bonuses are the most common followed by the 100% free no deposit bonuses, which can involve free cash, free spins or 1 hour's free play. Far rarer, but no less popular are cashback bonuses.

Where welcome bonuses (that always require a deposit to unlock) and no deposit bonuses are designed to attract new players to online and mobile casinos, cash back bonuses are aimed at existing players. Cash back bonuses 'refund' you a certain percentage of your wagers, losses or deposits up to a maximum amount. For example, 10% cashback bonus of up to $/£/€100.

Benefits of Cashback Bonuses

  • These are automatic bonuses paid to you at certain times

  • Most are automatically credited to your real money account

  • You don't have to make special or additional deposits to qualify

  • You're guaranteed to get something back for your real money play

  • Their wagering requirements, if any, are not as strict as other bonuses

Best Cashback Bonus Casinos Online

The only thing scarcer than cash back bonuses are online casinos that offer them. While you'll find welcome bonuses galore at the world's premier casinos (many of which you'll see listed on this site), not to mention a wide variety of 100% free no deposit bonuses on offer (see our no deposit bonus casinos), cashback bonus offers in comparison are few and far between.

This is where we come in. Our casino reviewers have been tasked with seeking out and vetting the world's top cash back bonus casinos to feature here. Though not an easy task, they've managed to populate the following list with a host of reputable, licensed, secure, lucrative and welcoming online casinos happy to 'reward' loyal players with generous cashback bonuses:

Top Cashback Bonuses

There are no cashback bonuses for players from the UK. Click here for a list of bonuses for your country.

Types of Cash Back Bonuses

Whether you're new to the world of casino bonus offers or an old pro, rest assured that on your virtual gaming travels you'll encounter three main types of cash back bonus deals which are:

  • Deposit-Driven Cash Back Bonuses - This bonus cash back offer applies to total deposits made. Only once you've made a specific number of deposits will the bonus be triggered. This bonus type is often linked to a casino's loyalty program.

  • Bet-Driven Cash Back Bonuses - This casino cash back bonus is paid out when you play a minimum specified amount over a given period. For instance, if you bet/play $/£/€100 in a day, the casino will pay you a set bonus of $/£/€10 (10%).

  • Loss-Driven Cash Back Bonuses - This cash back bonus is calculated by the casino based on your net losses over a given period, whether it be a single session, a day or longer. It can apply to an individual game or all games you've played.

What You Should Know About Cashback Bonuses

The biggest difference between casino cash back bonuses and regular welcome or no deposit bonuses is who they're aimed at. Cash back bonuses, along with reload bonuses, are specifically targeted at existing fans who are already established real money players at a casino.

Here some other things you should know about online casino cashback bonuses:

  • Cash back bonus offers are a way for casinos to 'pay you back' for your loyalty. While they're a fraction of your real money transactions, they beat zero cash back. And they give you a chance to rebuild your winnings.

  • Every day at participating online casinos around the world lucky players manage to turn their cashback bonuses into cold hard cash. This is a big reason why this kind of casino bonus is enormously popular worldwide.

  • It should be mentioned that cashback bonuses can be paid differently depending on the online casino offering them. That's why you should always read the T&Cs of every online casino bonus you're tempted to claim.

  • It should be mentioned that cashback bonuses can be paid differently depending on the online casino offering them. That's why you should always read the T&Cs of every online casino bonus you're tempted to claim.

    For instance, some online casinos may pay out cash back bonuses daily, some weekly and others monthly. Either way, these bonuses are a good way to recoup some of your losses in the event Lady Luck is unkind.

  • Cashback bonuses may only be offered to VIPs or as part of the casino loyalty program. If this is the case, remember the more you deposit and play, the quicker you'll become a VIP, and the more benefits you'll enjoy.

    In fact, the higher your level in the loyalty program, or greater your VIP status, the bigger your cash back bonuses will be. This is why cashback bonus casinos are the only way to go for many online gambling fans.

Cash Back Bonus Terms and Conditions

Cash back bonuses always come attached with terms and conditions, like every other online casino bonus you'll come across. These are crucial to read because they highlight the bonus value, workings, restrictions, wagering requirements, and minimums and maximums.

By understanding how a cash back bonus works (and what not to do to get it evoked), you'll be in the best position to get the most out of it, which is the whole point. Why not take advantage if a casino is willing to refund you for at least some of your total deposits, bets or losses?

In this vein, here are three key clauses to look out for in cash back bonus terms and conditions and what they mean:

  • Eligible Games - Not all casino games are create equal (based on their odds) which is why some are eligible for cashback bonuses and others are not such as scratch cards, progressives and craps.

  • Wagering Requirements - Not all games contribute the same to the bonus wagering requirements. For example, slots and keno count 100%, while roulette counts 50%, baccarat 25% and blackjack 10%.

  • Maximum Cash Back - This specifies the maximum amount of bonus cash back you can expect based on a given time frame, an amount of losses or an amount of deposits, or even a combination of each.